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We all have wings, right? (at
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I had a little help from some feathered friends for my latest post on #thenonames. Felt like [pigeon man] from Hey Arnold. Y’all remember that episode? 🐦✌️☺️ (at
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New #streetstyle post on [the no names]: TNN Edits x Pigeon Man. (at
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My sister is breaking it down for me right now… Talks about perspectives and behavior.
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Military Overcoat
Something’s Gotta Give…


Take your pick, but you only get two…

I had a really interesting convo with some friends a few weeks ago and the topic was performance. To lay out the context, we were talking about how, when you’re producing work of some sort—be it a product or a service—you have to sacrifice one of the components above in order to get the other two. Consider it a variation on the Two-Thirds Compromise theory.

You can invest in speed and produce a large quantity of something, but the quality may be lacking. On the other hand, you can create a great amount of high level work, but how fast can you really operate? Still, you can work as fast and efficiently as possible to create truly outstanding results, but there’s only so much you can put out when you’re truly doing the job right. You have to give to take.

The chat led me to wonder… which of the three make up my magic duo? And I say [my] magic duo because what’s best for me won’t be the same for you and vice versa. It’s a question we all should stop and consider, whether it’s about school, work, or even just what we’re doing in our spare time. The overarching principle still applies, even if the variables change a bit.

You can think about which two are ultimately best for building your brand or instead ask which component you can make it without—one approach is hands-on, the other is sanguine, at best. Either way, I think the final answer comes with contemplation and experimentation. And once you find it, I’m sure it’ll pay off down the line.

Funny thing (it’s not really funny): according to the actual Two-Thirds Compromise, which focuses on quality, speed and PRICE from a business perspective, customers are usually happy sacrificing one if they’re getting the other two—they actually expect it. Call it lower standards or simple realism? Either way, I guess it’s a way of life.

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Girls get to have all the fun…
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[Tavi Gevinson for the October 14 cover of Nylon Magazine]
Saw this cover in Duane Reade this morning and fell in love. She looks great. I may have to go back and cop it.
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Thoughts on #Givenchy #SS15? I liked it. 👍 How about you guys?
Brand Bites 9.29: Attention Span

Between 2000 & 2013, human attention spans, on average, decreased from 12 to 8 seconds. To put that in perspective, the average attention span of a goldfish: 9 seconds. The time to capture an audience’s attention and actively and effectively engage them has decreased drastically, which means you’ve got to capture them immediately and with a strong impact. #brandbites