Why You?

Well… why? If you don’t ask yourself this question, you should. I think it’s pretty important in embracing your full potential and actually achieving your dreams—not your little dreams, but your big dreams. Those super-sized dreams that you almost feel crazy for dreaming, like becoming the next Andy Warhol, or taking Beyonce’s spot as the next flawless music icon, or becoming a supermodel. There are billions of people in this world, millions who may want the same thing, and thousands that can do it just as well as you (notice that I didn’t even hit on the hundreds that can probably do it better). So with that said, why YOU?

What’s your point of differentiation? Why do you deserve it more than everyone else? Why will you do it better? Why? It can be an intimidating thought, but if it intimidates you enough to not want to pursue the answer anymore, you probably shouldn’t be going after it anyways. You may not know the [why] just yet, but if it’s really something you’re called to do, keep seeking it out. The desire to realize the dream will only intensify. #mondaymeditation

"Know your 3 passions and seek purpose in everything you do."
Jaleesa Lashay
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[twigs, though]. (at [outer space] in a different time.)
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[binx] baby.
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[love] the color action in Ferragamo’s FW14 campaign…
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[summer moments] viii.
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Today makes [ii] years in NYC. I’m so glad to call this place home.
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Rihanna and Eminem’s Official “Monster” Tour Merch Designed by Trapstar Is Now Available Online
The Monster Tour hockey jersey, $119.95
I like.
"It’s so important. When you walk around, before you even meet someone, the first thing you see is what they’re wearing. And to dismiss that as unimportant is totally naive."
Jacques Greene on [what fashion means to him], via SSENSE
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Shiro Kuramata, Salt and Pepper Set
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AW14 lookbook
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Oh, you haven’t heard? It’s going down again tomorrow night at @hotelchantelle. For this edition of @dignewyork, we’re doing it big for @eleshacasimir and @isaiah_isaac’s birthdays! I hope to see you there.