[All Black Everything]: Miracle’s Boys

With today marking the end of Black History Month, I have to take the time to watch one of my favorite movies, Miracle’s Boys. The movie is based off of a novel (with the same name) by Jacqueline Woodson and follows the hardships that three brothers face growing up on their own in Harlem following the death of their mother. The-N premiered this story as a six-part miniseries in February 2005 as a part of its Black History Celebration. I’ve watched it from time to time since then and each viewing feels just like the first. It’s a great story and the cast is easy to love.

Background: Pooch Hall, who some of you may know as Derwin from the Game, plays the oldest brother Ty’Ree. This was actually my first time seeing him act and I’m glad to see that it wasn’t the high point of his career.

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