"I love moments like this. When you feel inspired… ambitious… and bad as hell, all at the same time."

Jovel Roystan

When you reach these points, all the things, people, and “struggles” that you’ve been worrying about suddenly seem so small.

The Period.
Oprah: Was getting married just sort of like putting a period at the end of an already great sentence?
Pharrell: Yeah. "Best friend." Period.
"…to be a visionary, all you have to do is make decisions based off of your eyes instead of your ears and your memories."
Kanye Westw
"The Negro race, like all races, is going to be saved by its exceptional men."

-WEB DuBois

I’m posting this, not for [black] reasons, but for the words in between those commas: “like all races.” I think if you replace [races] with a more general term or phrase, like social groups, you’ll see the real insight behind this statement. The exceptional men (and women) of any and every subcategory of people are the ones who save the day and make the world bearable, at least for me anyways. I won’t stop working hard until I’ve become one of the exceptional ones (and by then, working hard will be in my blood, so I still won’t stop). - JRP :v

"Sleeping is nice…You forget about things for a while."
"Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good."
Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers
"That’s the key to having it all: stop expecting it to look like what you thought it was going to look like. That’s true of the fall lines and it’s true of relationships."
Enid Frick
"I think it’s really important to develop a personal style, one in which you look back at pictures of yourself a decade from now and you recognize the same signature style. It’s easy to follow trends, but the most iconic individuals develop a style and embrace it over time. It’s good to evolve, but it’s important to develop a few defining characteristics that make you unique."
John Whitledge, Founder of Virgin Poets Society
"I like people who have a sense of individuality. I love expression and anything awkward and imperfect, because that’s natural and that’s real."
Marc Jacobs
"It’s not about the money, it’s about becoming a brand."
Chad Rogers
"Maybe the past is like an anchor holding us back. Maybe you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be…."
My favorite New Yorker… C.B.
"I don’t approve of talented people doing things that aren’t conducive to an amazing career."
Nicki Minaj to Drake
"Clothes and manners do not make the man; but, when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance."
Carine Roitfeld
A young runner once asked Univ. of Oregon Track Coach and Nike Co-Founder Bill Bowerman, “How do I improve my times?” His answer: “Run faster.”

Sometimes you don’t have to go looking for secret recipes or tips on how to be better or get an advantage over others. Every now and then, the answer we need to hear is simple and clean:

Do better. Try more. Push yourself harder.

"You don’t actually have to build a rocket or go into space, but please take us somewhere. Please keep us moving. Push us, lift us up. Make us better."

Brian Williams

[A worthwhile charge for each and every person on this planet.]