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[Paper Tiger by Sachin Teng]
I saw this picture in my [tnn] folder and it reminded me of how awesome Sachin Teng's artwork is. GOOD Stuff. Check out more on [the no names].

[Artistic Dreams, Visual Nightmares]
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[Sunset Mount by Matt Lyon]
I can’t explain how or why, but I’m totally in my own little world right now. This picture represents that perfectly for me right now. Hehe haha…  
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That moment when you indulge yourself in a piece of art and [it comes alive]… It’s amazing. :v
[Jesse Hazelip & His Sentimental Journey]

Check out some illustrations from Jesse Hazelip. I had one of his images saved on my computer from months back and I took the time to look up some more of his work. I like what I found. He reminds me of Josh Keyes, the artist that I featured on [the no names] late last month. They both blend components of nature with manmade elements in order to send a message about our impact on the world we live in.

Two questions from an interview Jesse did in anticipation of his Sentimental Journey exhibit opening in 2010:

What do you hope viewers will take away from your work?

A sense of urgency to critically analyze our behavior as a species and society, and then make the necessary changes.

What can we do to stop history from repeating itself- especially the ugly history of war and violence in North America?

It would probably take a revolution to make any real change.  Our country is locked into this two party system which can’t facilitate change or progress.  Until we truly stand up and make our demands heard, we’re going to continue to be trampled on, and we’re going to keep loosing our rights.

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[12-14-2011 by Andy Gilmore]