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[White Diamond Jaw Ring from AV by Ara Vartanian][Retail: $4,060.00] 
Givenchy’s Pre-Fall merchandise has razor sharp teeth, but they’re not the only brand that can do something cool with all of the Jaws hype. This is an epic piece of jewelry. I love it.

"It’s JAWS meets Elizabeth Taylor…” - Sade Strelkhe
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I love this image. I wish it wasn’t photoshopped, but I love it. These two are definitely in my [favorites] category. As a matter of fact…. a new track just leaked from Lana and A$AP Rocky. It’s on [the no names] if you care to hear it.
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Yeah… I said a few curse words when I saw this. :x
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[Katie Eary Spring/Summer 2012 Collection][Retail: $245.00] 
I finally figured out what brand this shirt is from! Maybe if I had actually tried looking for it, I would’ve gotten an answer, but I’m glad to finally discover that it’s from Katie Eary, a designer that I was introduced to last week during my coverage of London Mens Fashion Week for Kontrol. I’m glad to see that the extravagant design style of her SS13 collection isn’t just a one time thing. Rihanna rocked the shirt this past weekend in London and you can bet that Katie Eary is getting some very valuable attention from it.
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[Life from Backstage]: Burberry Prorsum SS13

I’m still coming back down to earth from this show. It was awesome: the metallics, the jackets, the gladiators, everything. While they looked great enough on the runway, the clothes look even better off of it. Check out these HQ backstage shots from the show.

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[Zoe Saldana & Prabal Gurung at the 2012 CFDA Awards][Monday, June 4, 2012, New York City, NY][Zoe wore Prabal Gurung, Prabal wore custom Antonio Azzuolo] 
I almost forgot to post these images from last week’s CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Awards. Prabal Gurung and Zoe Saldana were best dressed, hands down. They both looked great. The fact that they walked the red carpet together only made it better!
HighSnobiety presents the Nike Air Yeezy 2 Zine

I’m really impressed with the different design features that this sneaker comes with. Kanye and his team found a way to put so many different elements into one shoe without doing too much. I think they all work well together. This project from High Snobiety showcases the different details in a really cool way. The Egyptian correlation makes me love the concept of the sneaker even more.┬áCheck it out.

[click any of the images above for a better look at the entire zine]

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I want this picture on my wall. Framed. Hung. Appreciated.
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I haven’t done one of these in a while, but… I spy with my little eye, 5 things that are DOPE:
That +FRESH.i.AM+ snapback
Call me wack or simple, but one of my favorite things to wear this year has just been solid-colored tees. Not ghetto tall tees, no prints, just t-shirts. It takes a certain type of presence to make a t-shirt look good. I think he’s doing a pretty good job.
This is more of a detail than a thing, but I love cuffed sleeves on t-shirts. I think it’s a throwback look that’s finding it’s place again.[And the two most amazing things about this look]:
These leather pants… I’m speechless. I don’t have anything to say except that they’re [amazing].
The Yeezys push this look to an astronomic level. If I saw him on the streets, I’d take my hat off and applaud.
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[The Nike Air Yeezy II][Set to drop on June 9th, 2012]
My friend Darrian told me that people are already lining up in New York City to cop a pair of the new Yeezy IIs, which are set to drop one week from today. I think that’s completely crazy, but I get their excitement. I really want a pair too. The release price isn’t much of an issue for me, but I’m sure finding a pair will be nearly impossible after the first weekend. Oh well… I’ll get over it.
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This jacket… is [amazing]. That is all.
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I need someone to slap me and then remind me of how irresponsible it would be to buy one of these when they drop with the rest of the Givenchy Resort 2013 Collection next year… They can say something about how, as a young professional just starting my life in New York City, I should spend my money more wisely, like on stocks or something of that nature…
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So… we’re at the end of the May, which clearly means that we’re well into the SS12 season! With my hectic schedule over the past few weeks, I haven’t really had the chance to stay posted on all of the new pieces being released, but earlier today I saw this Givenchy Shark Print Sweatshirt and an equally epic Jersey Parka (also from Givenchy) and they brought tears to my eyes (not literally, people)… I don’t think I’ll ever be able to put into words how ridiculously cool this brand is, so I won’t even try. Just check out the product shots!